Viva’s First Camp Breakfast   Leave a comment

Lincoln was right! This vacation stuff is FUN!  Mom relaxes the food rules and we had camp Breakfast! We had chicken sausage and eggs!   This is me waiting for my plate.

This was my breakfast!

Mom said something about ice cream later!

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Vacation update    Leave a comment

Mom says we are ready to go.  She says we are going off the grid for a week.  Whatever all that means?  My only question, “Did ya pack my RV toys?”  She said she did so I’m ready to hit the road.

P.S. This is me on the big dogs love seat!  Aren’t I clever?  

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Endearing    Leave a comment

I’ve shared much about Viva’s intelligence, drive, eagerness to work, voice, fearlessness, but I’ve not said much about something every bit as important.  She is endearing. She has the sweetest habits.  Beginning in the morning I always find her snuggled up tight to me. When I first let her out her preference is for both of us to have coffee on the porch.  She greets Kathy every morning as if she hasn’t seen her in months.  Every time she goes outside, she never leaves the porch until she has heartily told me that she loves and appreciates her romp time.  In the evening she is quick with a kiss and a snuggle.  But it is no ordinary snuggle, she curls herself into my lap and lays her head on my chest looking straight up at my face.  She worries when her friend Missy doesn’t come to bed.  And of course, she won my heart from the beginning when she showed me her love for Food TV.  Yes, we are adding endearing to her growing resume. 

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Vacation   Leave a comment

Moms have been very busy getting ready for something called vacation.  I do not know about this vacation business as it has them quite distracted.  They are cleaning and shopping and cleaning and shopping…  So I asked Linc and Big O about it.  Lincoln said, vacation is a blast!  We go hiking, sit by fires, and eat ice cream.  He said ice cream was awesome cold goodness.  So I got excited, until Big O said I was to little for ice cream.IMG_0500

This is me when Big O told me I was too young for ice cream.IMG_0498

But Lincoln is a good egg and he told me not to pay attention to Big O, and that she had a nasty streak.  Oh good, that sounds fantastic.  Can’t wait for vacation! Ice Cream!IMG_0497

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Getting?   Leave a comment

This morning I heard mom say, “Viva stop bugging Ella, Viva get off Missy’s back, Viva you are getting a little full of yourself.”  Then I heard Mom Kathy call from the kitchen, “getting?”  Ha! Very funny, I learned everything I know from Big O!2016-08-13 23.28.34

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My Beautiful Girl!   Leave a comment


Finally busted out the good camera, and these shots really capture her intensity.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love this puppy?

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Seester Reunion   Leave a comment

It’s been several weeks since the girls last saw each other but they picked right up where they left off.  As Kathy noted, these girls are not the “sit around calmly and play Barbies” type, but they are the kind to “define fun in their own manner” type. When it was time to go neither seester wanted any part of good bye.  But we assured them it will only be a few weeks before they spend the whole weekend together! (Oh and the humans had a great time laughing and watching too!)




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