Lincoln and Viva   Leave a comment

When Viva first arrived Lincoln viewed her as an intruding space alien.  Her very being got on his last nerve in seconds. I honestly wasn’t sure the two would ever peacefully coexist, but as time wore on it became clear Viva was intent on winning his favor.  

She wiggled her way straight into his heart by capitalizing on the one thing they both love to do–Run Fast!  I was just watching them tear up the front yard running, dodging, cross cutting, and weaving all while the others looked on in amazement or in the case of Big O digust.  I can’t begin to tell you how much it made my heart happy to see them so gleefully happy together!

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The Great Zuppa Incident of 2017   Leave a comment

Apparently Olathea thought the puppy had consumed enough blog space for a while.  She pulled off a killer agility weekend with a QQ with placements, a Premier Q in Standard (1st place), Premier Q in JWW (2nd place) and  another Standard Q.  Here are a few pictures of her amazing self…

But from all the resident dogs’ perspective her real coup was the Zuppa incident!

We arrived at Purina Farms later Thurday evening, and after RV set up I fired up the Instant Pot and made some Zuppa.  We were settled in to enjoy the soup when Olathea hatched her plot.  She waited for the precise moment of weakness and smacked my arm and  launched the bowl.  The Zuppa flew, and my spoon ricocheted off Sharla’s head.  Zuppa covered the walls, TV, Katie, bags, me, and the floor.  The dogs thought Big O was a genius.  She made it rain food!

Between the six of us, we thought we had it cleaned up.  Until the next day when Viva discovered we had missed a spot on the wall and it in the crevices of the folding bedroom door.  It was tough duty but she was up to the clean up task.

Once again, we thought we had it cleaned up…until Sharla found it on her bag.  A funny part of me thinks we may be finding Zuppa for a while.  The one thing you can always say about Big O is she is always a go Big or go Home kind of gal!

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Look before you leap   Leave a comment

I opened the chest to get a throw, and as I reached in I felt the hot breath of a puppy landing.  The look of surprisebwas hilarious, followed by the “crap” look that followed!  

And I love the look on Big O’s face…”I tried to warn her”.

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Be careful what you ask…   Leave a comment

When one shares their life with a pup like Viva, one must be very careful with words that escape your mouth. 

Recently, Ella half stepped  across the yard, and I called, “Ella hurry up.”  Viva immediately ran back out the door and started herding Ella in, when that wasn’t fast enough she grabbed her ruff and dragged her in the door.  

This morning the whole crew was in early violation of the Neighborhood No Bark Treaty of 2008, so I called them in, and was promptly ignored.  I deployed the emergency recall “here” which produced movement toward me.  But apparently not fast enough for Viva who started driving the pack from the back toward me.  Once again Ella was bringing up the rear so she got the “drag treatment.”

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Viva : The First Year   Leave a comment

White Raven Come Friends or more affectionately know as Viva! She has brought a new level of life to our home, and we will likely never be the same. She has healed us when we hurt, made us laugh when we were sad, and brought mayhem to our boring order. May this ride continue in all its glory!

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Why?   Leave a comment

Why do my humans insist on cleaning?  Do they not realize the work we cardis put into “pigpening” the joint?  It is quite irradiating.  We bring in mud, drop hair, drool on the floor…all of this eliminated in a matter of minutes!  I’ll have to talk to Katie, she has great ideas about thwarting humans.

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My sister is coming…   Leave a comment

Hi! It’s me Viva!  This is where I hang out.  My sister taught me.  Isn’t she the cleverest ever?  

Mom had to move the fancy hand blown glass vase from New Smyrna Beach. It hangs out in the hallway gathering dust now. Darn thing was over rated any way. 

My sister is coming for the weekend.  She sent ne an email about this weekend’s lesson– unlatching crate doors.  I’m super excited.  


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