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I have been a very bad blogger, but something about snow brings out the need to write. A great deal has happened since I last wrote—a couple of championships have been added to names, some CGCs (Canine Good Citizen) and a Rally Novice title, but while that was fun….Snow really makes me smile!

The kids all went rolling out the door this morning and I swear they screamed…..IT’s SNOWING!!!!







Weeeeee Haaaaa!

Weeeeee Haaaaa!

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Sleeping Lincoln

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A Ball for Christmas   2 comments

It snowed at Riverbend, just in time for a white Christmas.  And Santa brought balls for all the Cardis!  Featured today is Ella, Music, Lincoln and Olathea. I don’t believe it gets any better than this!















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The kiddos had a play date with a pair of three (3) month old Old English Sheepdogs.  What fun we had…The OES’ learned to sit, watch me, and walk on leads.  My pups thought it was really cool that they got rewarded for the easy stuff!  But we did some really high distraction runaway stays, and Olathea only broke her stay once!  YEAH!!!  After we did several 5 min. sessions, and we headed out for a walk.  Upon our return home, they all got a good drink and then sacked out!   Here’s the progression…


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Two great weekends, sharing the wealth…   Leave a comment

I hardly know where to start!  Kathy and I packed up the motor coach and headed a little west.  We traveled with good friends who had a spot of trouble with a tire along the way, but we all arrived safely.  And that began a weekend of good fellowship, food, dogs and a bit of winning for everyone!  In the four (4) camper group, we had several grand champion majors, a qualifying score in rally, major wins boys and girls, grand champion points, best veteran and …

After a pretty rocky show start…(Lincoln had some real fun putting on a hip hoppy show), we did alright by the end of the cluster show.  On Sunday, Lincoln picked up “best cardigan puppy’, and then went on to a Puppy Group 2.  What a difference a day makes!  Then on Monday, he decided he did remember how to gait…and took “best of winners” for the crossover 4 pt major.  Good boy, Linc!

Then we moved on to Des Moines for some more fun with friends and dogs.  Once again, we shared the wealth and everyone took a point.  Linc took “best of winners” on Saturday, and Olathea decided on Sunday she had enough of her brother getting all the attention.  She showed like a pro, and thanks to Sherilyn for taking her back in and beating me for “best of winners” on my girl!

It was a super fun ten (10) days!  Believe you me it wouldn’t have been half as fun without all the people we have grown to love and call family.  Congrats to all the winners, and let’s do it again really soon!

(Once the pictures show up, I’ll post here and cross post to Riverbend Cardigans.)



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Good Boy Lincoln, Good Girl Olathea   Leave a comment

This afternoon Lincoln and Olathea each stole one of my favorite felted slippers.  When I removed them from their possession, I remarked, “why don’t you do something useful like find my glasses?”  Well I went merrily about the business of packing and when I exited from the closet, there sat Lincoln patiently sitting holding my glasses.  Good Boy, Linky!

This evening Olathea walked through all her paces like a pro and graduated with flying colors from the advanced PetsMart training class.  Good Girl, Olathea!


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