Hide and Seek   Leave a comment

Mom said, “Let’s play hide and seek.”  I dropped mom’s slipper and found a spot! I do not understand why she laughed at me.

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No fear   Leave a comment

Last night I popped up on the bang it thingy and tipped it too.  Mom was sooooo impressed that she let me write today’s blog post rather than the one she had planned.  The one she had planned was entitled  “The many voices of Viva”.  I can assure you it would be much less flattering.   So cheers for tipping the board, I came out smelling like a rose!

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Excuse me, I have a bone to pick   Leave a comment

Look at me all worn and haggard.  Mom made me sleep in a crate!  Can you believe it?  After we went to bed, I jumped off the bed and nicked her yoga pants.  She said, “Viva, you know the rules, no midnight marauding when I’m trying to sleep.”  So she picked me up and stuffed me in a CRATE!  I told her this morning she should read the article about how unconditional love is the best training method, and I should be allowed to do as I please!  Mom said, “Baloney! ”  And then she said, “do it again tonight and it will be a record two nights in a crate.”  I’ve got some thinking to do, see ya around, but before I think I have to run!

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Day 3   Leave a comment

Hi again, I’m here with a DAY 3 out of the pen report.  Mom says I’m doing quite well, and I haven’t committed any unforgivable sins. 

I wasn’t quite sure about that unforgivable sin stuff so I turned to O and Linc for advice.  O said that I’d cut it close a couple of times, but my main man Linc set it right.  He said there are no unforgivable sins with mom.  He said heck, Russ ate computer keyboards and Ella ate so many cell phones that they quit counting.  And Linc saved me from the fuzzy slipper trap!  Mom left her fuzzy memory foam slippers in the living room and I picked one up.  Linc yelled, “drop it, Viva, it’s a trap!”  Whew!  Linc is a good guy, maybe I shouldn’t have tried to give him a concussion by dropping the Ruff Root bone on his head last night?  Oh well, mom saved him from getting beaned.

Gotta go, I think Ella wants to play.

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Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic, Very Good Day   Leave a comment

I’m having a fantastic day!  Look at me outside my pen!  Mom said, “Vivers I’m home all day doing chores, so today is our grand experiment day.  We will leave you loose with the big dogs!”  Weeeee Haaaaa!  I’ve been waiting my whole life for this day!  And I’ve been a very good dog.  I’ve chewed on my Ruff Root, my blue bone and my dragon.

Now mom says, “tell the whole truth, Viva.”  Ok maybe I sat on the end table, maybe I jumped off, maybe I played tug of war with the new couch cover, maybe I left a deposit on the floor, and maybe I annoyed Ella.  But hey, at the end of the day I am VIVA!

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Terrible, horrible   Leave a comment

Yesterday was a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!”  I understand Alexander now very well!  Mom says, “Viva your toys smell like someone died in there.”  Personally, I liked  the way they smelled.  Then she scooped everything up and left me with an antler and a clean smelling bed.  I was like, “Are you kidding me?”  But she wasn’t!   Everything came back smelling like lavender Ecos and Dawn.  Does she realize how long it takes me to get things like I like?

But my day ended in a high note.  I was allowed total freedom during grown up TV time.   I watched NCIS under mom’s chair.  She said “good girl, Viva. ” Hopefully this means more freedom for me!

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Amanas   Leave a comment

Hi, again.  I went to a dog show.  The first day, I grabbed the judges tie.  The second day mom said, I was much better.  I didn’t know that I could get cookies just for standing still.  So I did what she wanted today and we got this purple ribbon.  Mom is pretty excited, but I am excited cause I got chicken, liver, and Zukes! 

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